I am a Killers stalker. They are the biggest and most boisterous part of my life. It is indescribable and the love is still as vibrant after nine years of adoration. My home remains with them, alongside the rain and Las Vegas. With a side order of Supernatural for good measure.
  • "Looking up from underneath, fractured moonlight on the sea. Reflections still look the same to me as before I went under and it’s peaceful in the deep. Cathedral where you cannot breathe; no need to pray, no need to speak. Now I am under."

  • wennkillz:






    Diva forever!

    I’m not crying

    i’ve just got glitter in my eye

    I wonder if he saw all those posts and deliberately made the same face so someone would do this?!?!

    hahahahaha come on this is brandon flowers we’re talking about

    of course he did

    👆what she said

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  • satansonenightstand:


    Lana Del Rey smoking weed with a fan


    For your own sake please have higher expectations of yourself than this

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  • femburton:

    Jeff Goldblum circa 1980

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  • Realising how fucked up the answers to your ask make you sound. JESUS fucking ChriST.

  • Making plans for wennkillz to adopt me under American jurisdiction, and hammering out the technicalities later… I’ve already emphasised that I’m 20 but frankly, my dear, that’s not the biggest issue with this plan